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The Estonian Government approved the National HIV Action Plan for the years 2017-2025, developed in cooperation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the National Institute for Health Development. According to the Action Plan, the state aims to take vigorous steps to stop the HIV epidemic, including reducing the number of new HIV infections by more than half.

In Estonia, there are 17 new HIV cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which is the highest in the European Union. In 2016, we had in total 230 new cases in Estonia. The aim of the HIV action plan is to bring the number of new cases to the average level of the European Union, or less than 100 new cases per year.

The Action Plan focuses on four main directions of action - HIV testing, treatment, prevention and monitoring. The action plan covers activities under the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of the Interior.

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