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Questions which will be asked by the Health Board
if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19


If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the Health Board has not contacted you yet, please think about your responses to the following questions.


Personal details

Personal details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Address in the population register (apartment, building, street, settlement, parish, county)
  • Actual address
  • Address while self-isolating
    •  If you are being treated in hospital or are in a care home, please specify the name and address of the institution.
  • Type of self-isolation location (eg. home, care home, hospital)?

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Circumstances surrounding your falling ill

Circumstances surrounding your falling ill

  • Did you experience any symptoms after falling ill? 
  • When did you experience first symptoms? 

Details surrounding becoming infected

Details surrounding becoming infected:

  • Have you come into contact with a confirmed, positive COVID-19 case within the past ten days, to your knowledge? 
  • Please specify the personal identification code or date of birth of the confirmed positive case.
  • What is the likeliest origin of the infection in your case? 
  • Please select just one of the following:
    •  Family
    •  Workplace
    •  Educational institution
    •  Kindergarten/child care institution
    •  Hospital
    •  Care home
    •  Social housing
    •  Estonian Defence Forces
    •  Prison
    •  Unknown
    •  Other



  • Have you been abroad within the past ten days? If you have, which country did you visit and when?
  • Have you come into close contact with an individual who has returned from abroad within the last ten days? If you have, which country did this individual visit?

Socio-economic situation

Socio-economic situation:

  • What is your socio-economic situation? 
    •  Employed
    •  Unemployed (short-term)
    •  Detained individual

    •  Student/pupil
    •  In receipt of an incapacity for work pension
    •  Old-age pensioner
    •  Performing compulsory duty to serve in the Defence Forces
    •  On parental leave
    •  Not employed and not seeking employment
    •  Pre-schooler not attending a child care institution
    •  Pre-school child care institution



  • An employee at an educational institution (physician, nurse, midwife, carer, dentist, pharmacist, administration, support personnel)
  • An employee at a care home (carer, administration, support personnel)
  • An employee at an educational institution (kindergarten teacher, teacher at a general education school, university professor, educational institution administrator or support personnel)
  • Police and Border Guard Board
  • Member of the Defence Forces
  • Other

Please specify your exact field of activity and the name of the company or institution which employs you. 

If you are a detainee, please specify the institution in which you are detained. 

If you are a pupil or student, which educational institution are you attending?

If you are serving in the Defence Forces, please specify your military unit and rank.

When did you last go to work / attended your educational institution / attended your Defence Forces base? 

Close contacts

General details

An infected individual remains infectious from two days before they develop symptoms right up until ten days after they have developed symptoms. Asymptomatic individuals may also be infectious.

Please think about who you have come into contact with during the period in which you may have been infectious and list those individuals, specifying the following details:

  • their name,
  • their personal identification code or date of birth,
  • their phone number,
  • their email address,
  • the location of the contact.

Please self-isolate, as this is the only way for us to get the spread of COVID-19 under control!