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Yesterday, laboratories confirmed 26 new coronavirus cases

By the morning of March 23, 352 people had been diagnosed with coronavirus in Estonia.

A total of 495 test results received, which is 78 more than the day before.

Compared to yesterday, 26 new positive results were added, of which 16 in Saaremaa, 5 in Harju County, 4 in Võru County and 1 in Tartu County. Standing view of the age groups, who are infected: less than 6% under 20 years of age and 17% are over 60 years of age. 15 people are in hospital, 4 of whom need intensive care. The condition of two patients in intensive care is critical.

The corona map, which shows Estonia’s data, can be found at (the page is not displayed correctly using Internet Explorer).

The critically ill and risk groups are tested, including the elderly and people with chronic illness.

The need for testing is decided by the family practice doctor, who directs the patient to sampling. Family practice doctors are given guidance, but the final decision is made by them, taking into account the patient’s symptoms, general health, and any comorbidities.

Based on random sampling, non-symptomatic health and care workers will be tested to prevent the spread of the virus to health and care facilities. In addition, police, rescue services and other COVID-19 prevention personnel, who may be a risk to risk groups due to their work.

Due to the overload of the emergency center and ambulance, ambulance services can now be provided by two-member brigades. This provides an opportunity to save fatigued ambulance and emergency center staff, who recently have faced significant increase of workload.

The Health Board, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the state are working to supply more protective equipment to Estonia. Estonia is also participating in a joint European Comission procurement, which includes purchasing respiratory equipment, gloves, protective clothing and goggles. According to European Comission, the procurement could be delayed to May.

The Health Board has signed two contracts, which ordered 50,000 FFP3 respirators in early March. Plus an additional 85,000 FFP3 respirators. The six-month framework contract allows order up to 260,000 masks.

By the end of March, 200,000 three-layer surgical masks should arrive, but we have to keep in mind that delivery time can increase. We are also in talks with FFP2 suppliers and will do our best to make sure that they will arrive in Estonia in the coming weeks.

The Health Board obtains personal protective equipment mainly from Estonian suppliers and Chinese manufacturers. Unfortunately, we have to take into account that logistics companies face various failures and delivery times may be delayed

If the symptoms occur, call your family doctor or the family doctor’s helpline 1220 for further instructions and advice. Starting from March 16, the Emergency Response Center's Hotline 1247 was launched to help answer key questions about the coronavirus COVID-19. The phone operates 24/7 and is free of charge. Starting from yesterday, pastoral care and counselling is available through phone at hospitals and nursing homes.

In the event of severe breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, call 112.

The necessity of testing a patient is decided by a doctor and it is only done when there is a medical indication for it. In case of onset of symptoms, one should stay home and if possible, notify people with whom they have been in contact with during the previous days. In the case of mild symptoms – cough, low fever, stay home and focus on the symptomatic treatment with over-the-counter medicine.

More information can be found on the Health Board's website and on the Health Board's Facebook page.

Answers to questions on the emergency situation can be found on the government's website

The Health Board will release the regional distribution of yesterday’s positive samples tonight.

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