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Yesterday, laboratories confirmed 17 new coronavirus cases, medical director joined the crisis management team

Starting from March 24 and for the duration of the emergency situation, Mr Arkadi Popov has joined the Health Board’s crisis team as a medical director.

The emergency situation’s medical director is placed under the Health Board and the main goal of the position is to coordinate the organisation of work in the medical institutions across the country. The medical director has the right to give orders for rearranging the provided health care services.

17 new positive results were confirmed yesterday, there have been 369 confirmed cases of COVID-19 now in Estonia in total. 4041 test have been performed, 317 during the past 24 hours. Of the 17 new confirmed cases, 5  are in Harju County, 5 in Võru County, 4 in Saare County, 1 in Tartu County, 1 in Viljandi and one of the patients did not have a personal identification number.

There has not been a major change in the division of cases in the age groups and no specific age group experienced a significant rise of positive cases. 3 of the 17 confirmed cases were people in the age group of 60+, in total there are 63 positive patients in the named age group.

The map of COVID-19 cases in Estonia, which shows our data, can be found at (the page is not displayed correctly using Internet Explorer).

The crisis management team of the Health Board started working on January 28, since the middle of February daily from 9-21. For institutional use, the Health Board has also implemented 24/7 crisis contact point and epidemiological consultation.

More information can be found on the Health Board's website and on the Health Board's Facebook page.

Answers to questions on the emergency situation can be found on the government's website


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