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A total of 77 influenza and 817 COVID-19 cases reported this week

In week 19, a total of 1773 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections, of whom 39.3% were children. The overall incidence of acute respiratory viral diseases decreased by 12%.

Influenza morbidity increased by 18%, with around 40% of the infected being children of up to 15 years of age.

According to the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK), a total of 8 patients were hospitalised due to influenza in recent weeks. In total 1312 people have been hospitalised due to influenza since the beginning of the season. 67.5% of them were over 50 years old. According to conclusively validated data from the Causes of Death Registry of the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre, a total of 62 people aged 9 to 97 have died due to influenza this season.

Based on the data recorded in the Sentinel System, the morbidity rate of influenza can be regarded as low. Isolated cases of infection with influenza B virus are recorded. The overall trend of hospitalisation fluctuates without significant increases or decreases.

A total of 817 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed over the week. There was a 22% decline in the total number of registered cases as compared to the previous week. Positive tests account for 7%. Morbidity decreased in nearly all age groups.

According to data received from hospitals, 80 patients were hospitalised over the week. 40 patients, ie half of all hospitalisations, were admitted due to symptomatic COVID-19.

Due to the many relatively mild and asymptomatic forms of COVID-19, the virus is likely to spread silently without significant fluctuations in cases. The situation is calm and there is currently no risk of the health care system becoming overwhelmed.