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A total of 670,000 homes will receive leaflets which cover vaccination against COVID-19

This week, the Health Board and the Ministry of Social Affairs will send out a leaflet to all private residences in Estonia which will be printed in the Estonian and Russian languages, with a focus on COVID-19 vaccinations. The leaflet will carry the most important areas of information about the ongoing extensive vaccination programme against coronavirus.

‘Based on the current schedule for vaccine deliveries, the wider vaccination of the population in Estonia will be able to begin in May,’ said Üllar Lanno, director-general of the Health Board. ‘In order that we are properly prepared, we have launched a nationwide information campaign, as well as last week launching a new COVID-19 vaccination website, and we will post these leaflets which cover all of the main points regarding vaccination to hundreds of thousands of homes in Estonia this week.’

According to Üllar Lanno, the wider vaccination of the general population and ensuring that people observe the safety measures will finally help us exit the coronavirus crisis and return to our normal lives. ‘If every single individual in Estonia makes a significant effort, we may even be able to relax many of the restrictions for the summer, as we are hoping to do,’ said Lanno. ‘Therefore it is important that everyone takes part in the ongoing vaccination programme against COVID-19. Based on the initial available information, Omniva will be undertaking the duty of delivering leaflets in the Estonian and Russian languages to almost 670,000 homes.’

The leaflets contain clear and comprehensive information about the process of vaccinating against COVID-19, as well as details about the various vaccines themselves. Important contact details will also be included, allowing people to ask questions they may have about those vaccines which are being used in Estonia and also to obtain reliable information.

According to Lanno, there are also plans to send out more thorough information materials to all Estonian regions for distribution, in addition to the leaflets. These materials will include advice for those who are about to be vaccinated and an overview of the operations which form the backbone of the vaccination process. ‘In order to reach everyone and to raise awareness, which is crucially important, we will be using as many different channels as possible, from social media to direct messages, as the contribution of every single individual in Estonia is important for us when it comes to defeating coronavirus. The most in-depth materials will be made available on the website,’ added Lanno.

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