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In total, 306 new influenza cases and 1,764 COVID-19 cases were added this week

In total, 306 new influenza cases and 1,764 COVID-19 cases were added this week

In week twelve, a grand total of 3,094 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections. Overall, 36.3% of all of the new cases involved children. In total, 306 new influenza cases were registered. A total of 1,764 new COVID-19 cases were also added.

Based on information which had been logged during the Sentinel targeted survey, infections are currently spreading at a moderate rate, with the spread of the influenza and SARS-CoV-2 viruses remaining extensive. In general, the spread of these viruses remains stable. In total, 47.4% of those Sentinel samples which were analysed were found to be positive for influenza-type viruses. The percentage of influenza B samples formed 21.1% of all Sentinel samples to have been analysed. Rhinoviruses form 10.5%, while the human metapneumovirus (hMPV), adenovirus, and the SARS-CoV-2 viruses form 5.3% each of all positive samples.

In total, 147 influenza cases were confirmed through laboratory testing, including forty-three influenza A cases and 104 influenza B cases. The Victoria sub-type of influenza B was the dominating virus.

The number of new influenza cases increased by 49% in comparison to the previous week. Almost half of all individuals who were diagnosed were children under the age of fifteen.

According to information from the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre, twenty-five patients were hospitalised with influenza. The number of influenza-related hospitalisation cases is showing a declining trend. The virus continues to spread in waves. In total, 1,154 people have been hospitalised due to influenza since the beginning of the season. A total of 69.7% of those individuals have been over the age of fifty. According to conclusively-validated information on the part of the National Institute for Health Development regarding causes of death, as many as fifty-four people have died due to influenza. Those individuals were aged between nine and 97.

In total, 1,764 COVID-19 cases were confirmed over the week. Compared to the week before, the overall number of registered cases has increased by 18%. The number of registered welfare institution outbreaks has increased, but the number of cases which have been identified in welfare institutions remained at last week’s level.

As of Wednesday morning, a total of 139 people are in hospital due to COVID-19, of which fifty-eight required treatment due to the presence of symptomatic COVID-19. This week saw eight deaths being added to the overall total, involving individuals between the ages of 69-90. All of those individuals had serious underlying illnesses. 

As there are currently many mild and asymptomatic forms of COVID-19 in circulation, the spread of the virus remains concealed. Taking into consideration the increased number of new cases amongst schoolchildren and working-age people, the number of SARS-CoV-2 virus cases is expected slowly to increase amongst the elderly in the next few weeks, with the hospitalisation rate for the elderly also expected to grow.