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Third coronavirus case confirmed in Estonia

Foto: Pixabay

Yesterday the Health Board laboratory analyzed 43 coronavirus samples, with one positiive test result. The infected person arrived in Riga on the 29th of February on a flight from Bergamo, Italy. The person developed symptoms of a fever and bone and joint pain. The infected person is on home treatment and is being monitored by the Health Board.

The possibility of infection transmission is low

Although both infected persons from Tartu and Tallinn traveled on the same plane, the two cases of coronavirus may not be related. In order to define the source of infection, the Health Board will conduct an epidemiological study in each case of infection.

The second case, the only infected person so far identified from Tartu, has followed all the recommendations of the Health Board after returning from the trip. So, the likelihood of transmission is low. The second person infected with coronavirus in Estonia stayed home immediately after returning from the trip, wearing a facemask and disinfecting hands before the symptoms of the disease appeared. People close to the infected person have not had symptoms of coronavirus before staying at home.

A separaate virus sampling brigade in Tartu

In addition to the two-member Tallinn Ambulance Virus Brigade, a similar Tartu Ambulance Brigade, which serves the entire South-Estonian region. The Virus Sampling Brigade will be only taking samples from people staying at home.

People who have a reasonable suspicion of coronavirus infection should contact their family physician by phone or ask for advice by calling the family physician advisory line 1220. In the event of a serious health problem call the emergency number 112.

There are reasonable grounds for suspecting a coronavirus infection if you have recently travelled to an area affected by the outbreak and have symptoms specific to the disease. In other cases, it is likely that you have contracted the commonly occurring influenza or another similar virus

Veel uudiseid samal teemal


A total of 202 influenza and 1,726 COVID-19 cases reported this week 

In week fifteen, a total of 3,184 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections, of whom 38.4% were children. The overall incidence of acute respiratory viral diseases increased by 39%.


A total of 151 new influenza cases and 1,466 COVID-19 cases have been added this week

In week fourteen, a grand total of 2,297 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections. Overall, 36.4% of all of the new cases involved children. The number of new cases decreased by a third.