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Health Board forecast: a further 8,000 coronavirus infection cases will likely be added within the next week, while hospital admissions will fall below 300

According to the forecast by the Health Board, just under 8,000 people are expected to be infected with coronavirus during the course of this week, although hospital admissions are expected to fall below 300.

According to Hanna Sepp, head of the Health Board’s Communicable Diseases Department’, a total of 9,200 new infections were reported last week, although the total number of registered cases has fallen by fifteen percent when compared to the figures for the week before that. ‘The previous rapid rate of decline has slowed down. The infection rate (the R-rate) has risen above 0.8 and remains around 0.83,’ said Ms Sepp.

According to Sepp, over the past fourteen days infection incidence rates have shown a downward trend in all of Estonia’s counties, with the biggest drop being seen in Põlva County. ‘The age structure for those who have become infected with coronavirus has changed over the course of the week, with a higher proportion of young people showing up amongst the positive cases,’ Sepp explained, adding that the change could be partially related to the removal of evening curfew regulations.

Nearly 350 people were hospitalised last week, with no fall in the number of hospitalisations. Just over 320 people need hospital treatment at this moment in time. Next week, hospitalisations have been forecasted to fall to under 300, as infections in people over the age of sixty have fallen by 27 percent. The average daily number of hospitalisations for severe COVID-19 over the last ten days has been steadily decreasing.

Despite the abolition of the COVID certificate check and the closure of entertainment establishments at 11:00pm two weeks ago, there has not yet been a significant increase in the number of cases. ‘However, the Health Board urges people to be cautious as we are still at a high level of risk when it comes to potential infection. We still recommend that everyone avoids crowded events and wears a facemask,’ Sepp said, adding that other infectious diseases are also now on the move, so hygiene rules should be observed.

The COVID-19 epidemiological overview for the week can be found here: (PDF)

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