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The Health Board estimates that 4,000 new infection cases will be added this week, although hospital admissions will drop below 250

The Health Board estimates that 4,000 new infection cases will be added this week, although hospital admissions will drop below 250

Based on forecasts by the Health Board, a little under 4,000 new infection cases may be expected this week, although the number of people who require hospital treatment will drop below the 250 mark.

Hanna Sepp, head of the Health Board’s Department of Communicable Diseases: approximately 5,200 new infection cases were added last week, although thankfully the number of registered cases has dropped by 24% when compared to the level of two weeks ago. ‘We have moved further away from the yellow zone than we were a week ago. The ‘R’ infection multiplier has again dropped close to 0.8,’ said Sepp. According to her, the general pace of the decline in new cases is slowing, but the ‘R’ figure should still remain under 0.9.

Also according to Sepp, the number of cases has been declining in all counties within the past fourteen days, with the highest decline being observed in Saare County. ‘The number of cases has dropped in all age groups. The greatest decreases were observed amongst schoolchildren,’ Sepp explained, adding that the pace at which the virus has been spreading has slowed down amongst those in the 60+ age group.

Almost 250 people were hospitalised last week, with no significant changes in the number of hospitalisation cases. In total, 266 people require hospital treatment. The share of elderly persons amongst the total number of cases has increased in terms of the patient age structure. The percentage of people who require hospital treatment has increased, with this increase being especially significant in the 70-79 age group. In total, 62% of all occupied hospital beds are being used by Covid patients.

Last week the government decided to cancel the nationwide mask-wearing mandate. ‘The Health Board advises everyone to continue to wear a mask in crowded indoor premises and on public transport, especially in the case of at-risk individuals,’ said Sepp. Other infectious diseases are also spreading in addition to COVID, which is why it is always important to wash your hands after having been outside. ‘Anyone who has fallen ill should remain at home and avoid all contact with other people,’ added Sepp.

The COVID-19 epidemiological overview for the week can be found here (PDF).

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A total of 202 influenza and 1,726 COVID-19 cases reported this week 

In week fifteen, a total of 3,184 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections, of whom 38.4% were children. The overall incidence of acute respiratory viral diseases increased by 39%.


A total of 151 new influenza cases and 1,466 COVID-19 cases have been added this week

In week fourteen, a grand total of 2,297 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections. Overall, 36.4% of all of the new cases involved children. The number of new cases decreased by a third.