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COVID-19 blog, 9 November: 125 new positive test results have been added in the past 24 hours

COVID-19 blogi, 9. november: ööpäevaga lisandus 125 positiivset testi

The last 24 hours have seen a total of 2,181 initial tests being analysed in Estonia in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19, of which 125 (5.7%) were positive.

Based on the data in the population register, the highest number of new positive test results came from Harju County, where ninety-five further individuals were found to have been infected. Eight new positive coronavirus test results were added from Ida-Viru County, and two new cases each from Pärnu County, Rapla County, and Tartu County. One new case each was added from Järva County, Valga County, and Viljandi County. On twelve occasions, the places of residence of those individuals who tested positive were not specified in the population register.

The number of cases for every 100,000 people in the last fourteen days is 137.1, and 6.6% of all tests have been found to be positive.

Seventy-six of the ninety-five new cases from Harju County were from Tallinn. Thirteen of those new cases which were added from within the area of operations of the Health Board’s northern regional department were close contacts of individuals who had already fallen ill. On three occasions, the virus was brought in from Russia, England, and Cyprus. The origins of the infection have remained unknown on four occasions. The circumstances surrounding the remaining cases are still being investigated.

The Health Board’s northern regional department is monitoring over 7,600 people, of whom 1,023 have fallen ill. There are twenty-one different outbreaks in total within the northern regional department’s area of operations. There are three school outbreaks which include fifteen individuals in total, one kindergarten outbreak which includes five cases, seven workplace outbreaks which involve a total of 119 individuals, three event outbreaks which include twenty-eight individuals, and a further four outbreaks which are connected to other contacts and which include twenty-seven individuals in total. In addition to those listed above, there are also the Rapla Care Centre outbreaks which include sixty-five individuals, a hospital outbreak which includes fifteen individuals, and the Tallinn Prison outbreak with more than ten individuals.

Three of the new cases which were added from Ida-Viru County within the past 24 hours were connected to the Viru Prison Outbreak. Two further individuals were infected within their family circle, two via their acquaintances, and one at school.

There are ten active outbreaks in total within the eastern regional department’s area of operations. The first school outbreak in Sillamäe involves thirty-eight individuals, a second Sillamäe school outbreak nine individuals, the Jõhvi care home outbreak twenty-one individuals, and a Narva kindergarten outbreak seven individuals. Ten cases are connected to the Narva-Jõesuu workplace outbreak, and 203 cases to the Viru Prison outbreak. A Kohtla-Järve school outbreak includes six cases, a Sillamäe workplace outbreak six cases, and a Narva sports-related outbreak thirty-seven cases. A new Narva workplace outbreak was added this morning which involves seven individuals.

The Health Board’s eastern regional department is monitoring almost 3,000 people, of whom 456 have fallen ill.

The two new cases from Tartu County were close contacts of individuals who had already fallen ill. The new case from Viljandi was brought in from Germany, while the circumstances surrounding the new case from Valga County are still being investigated. The southern regional department is monitoring almost 900 people, of whom 151 have fallen ill. As part of those efforts the southern regional department is also monitoring one outbreak which occurred at a care home and involves thirty-four individuals.

The new case from Hiiu County caught the virus via their acquaintances. One of the new cases from Pärnu County was brought in from Moldova. The circumstances surrounding the other new case from Pärnu County are still being investigated. The western regional department is monitoring over 650 people, of whom ninety-eight have fallen ill. The western regional department is also monitoring three active outbreaks in Hiiu County which include a family event outbreak that involves thirteen cases, an outbreak which is also connected to an event and involves seven cases, and a family outbreak which involves six cases.

Two new testing sites will be opened

Two new testing sites will be opened this week to supply nonlaryngeal samples when testing for coronavirus. As of today, a new testing site will be operating on the premises of Valga Hospital at Peetri 2. This will add Valga Hospital to the public testing network which is managed by Medicum and SYNLAB. The testing site will be operating six days a week and for a few hours a day. The testing site will be accessible on foot.

As of tomorrow, nonlaryngeal samples will also be collected from a test centre that will be located next to Põlva Hospital. A manned testing tent which was erected with the help of the hospital’s own medical personnel will be operating there, and this will be accessible on foot as well as by car.

A new home testing brigade will also be added this week. There are now ten such brigades in Estonia.

Twenty-one testing sites in total in Estonia now exist which are coordinated by the two companies that are in charge of organising public testing: Medicum and SYNLAB. Almost 500 people are involved on a daily basis in the logistics of collecting samples, as well as in the work of the call centre and the laboratory.

One further individual has died

As of the morning of 9 November, a total of sixty COVID-19 patients are being treated in hospital, with four patients on a ventilator. A 58 year-old man died at the West Tallinn Central Hospital yesterday. Coronavirus has claimed the lives of seventy-six people in Estonia in total. Six new COVID-19 cases were opened (including one individual who was registered retrospectively).

As of today, 9 November, hospitals have closed a total of 583 cases relating to COVID-19 which involved 568 people.

Also as of 9 November, a total of 4,205 people have recovered from COVID-19. The cases of 3,048 people have been closed (72.5% of the total) and, in the case of 1,157 people (27.5%), more than 28 days have passed since they tested positive and the individuals concerned are not being treated in hospital, meaning that they are awaiting confirmation of their recovery.

Almost 280,000 initial tests have been analysed in Estonia, of which 6,250 or 2.2% of the total have been positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Detailed statistical data from the coronavirus tests is available at:

The spread of coronavirus in Estonia is increasing every day

The virus is spreading consistently within Estonia. The share of cases is also increasing for which the origin of the infection remains unknown. The spread of the virus in Harju County and Tallinn is of especial concern.

Get tested as soon as possible! Please contact your family physician or call 1220 even if you only develop mild symptoms.

We encourage all employers to enable their employees to work remotely in order to reduce the potential number of close contact instances in workplaces. It is essential to limit the work-related spread of the virus.

Get your information from reliable sources. We would like to request that people follow the government’s official information channels and only spread information which has been confirmed by those channels. Further information is available on the following websites: and Information can also be obtained by calling 1247.

Download the HOIA app

Download the HOIA mobile app from Google Play or App Store which will inform you if you have come into close contact with an individual who has coronavirus. The app also allows you to anonymously notify other users if you have fallen ill yourself. Codes are being exchanged anonymously between the phones of people who use the app, while the government, the app’s developer, and the manufacturer of your phone will not be notified of those with whom you have come into close contact. Further information is available here:

COVID-19 is a droplet infection which is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreading from one person to another as a result of sneezing and coughing or via contaminated surfaces and unwashed hands.

According to information from the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre, as of today the HOIA app has been downloaded on 177,524 occasions, and 287 individuals have used the app to highlight themselves as having been infected. A total of 152 of those cases are active.

The website provides information about testing based on a referral, testing when crossing the border, and also paid testing. Important information for physicians and employers can also be found on the website. Furthermore, anyone who has a doctor’s referral can use the website to book a test. Certificate details, customer service contact numbers, and the addresses of test sites can also be found on the website along with other useful information.

Further information about COVID-19 can be found on the Health Board website and on its Facebook page.

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