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Changes in Health Board operations

Changes in Health Board operations

As of today, 1 March, the Health Board’s call centre operations are being discontinued. The centre had been providing advice to anyone who had been infected with coronavirus and would then map out the circumstances of their infection. Further changes are also taking place, in relation to the cross-border travellers declaration which was intended for anyone arriving in Estonia from abroad. As a result of the changes, the process of completing the declaration is no longer compulsory.

The spread of coronavirus remains extensive across Estonia, so the Health Board has reviewed its operations in connection with the process of mapping out and providing advice to infected individuals and anyone who has come into close contact with those individuals. We have been contacting and interviewing those who have become infected throughout the entire pandemic. As of March, the Health Board will only be sending a text message to those individuals who test positive, and no more phone calls will be made. The country’s general population has by now been exposed to extensive levels of information regarding what to do if someone tests positive or where someone has been identified as an individual who has come into close contact with a COVID-19 case, and the task of providing personal advice is no longer necessary in many cases.

Closing down these operations by the call centre will not have a significant effect on being able to gain an overview of the spread of the virus, as the information which had been gathered through the phone calls was for the most part related to those places in which the individuals concerned could have been infected. The distribution of locations of infection have not significantly changed over time so the added value of collecting this information is now rather modest.

The Health Board will remain available for the people of Estonia, and will still be open to answering specific questions. Any general questions may always be addressed to the national information line (1247). If you have any specific health issues, however, please get in touch with your family physician or call the family physician advisory line (1220). Guidelines for treatment at home can be found on the website of the Family Physicians Association of Estonia:

The Health Board will continue to conduct the usual epidemiologic investigations and information regarding the number of infection cases, and figures regarding those individuals who require hospital treatment will still be made available to the public.

The Health Board is also amending the requirements regarding the completion of the cross-border travellers declaration which was created to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So far, the task of completing the declaration was compulsory for those individuals who were arriving from third countries or ‘red’ Schengen countries and who were subject to the obligation to self-isolate. As of 1 March, the declaration can be completed on a voluntary basis.

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A total of 202 influenza and 1,726 COVID-19 cases reported this week 

In week fifteen, a total of 3,184 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections, of whom 38.4% were children. The overall incidence of acute respiratory viral diseases increased by 39%.


A total of 151 new influenza cases and 1,466 COVID-19 cases have been added this week

In week fourteen, a grand total of 2,297 people fell ill with acute respiratory infections. Overall, 36.4% of all of the new cases involved children. The number of new cases decreased by a third.