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29 new positive COVID-19 tests results over the past 24 hours

Over the past 24 hours, 1709 COVID-19 virus tests were analysed in Estonia, of which 29 tests (1.7%) showed positive results. In total, 33 967 tests have been analysed in Estonia, of which 1400 (4.1%) have shown positive results.

According to the latest data from the morning of 15 April, 147 patients require hospitalisation in Estonia due to the novel coronavirus, of whom 10 are on ventilation. 117 people have been discharged from hospitals. Due to COVID-19, over the last 24 hours 3 people died in Estonia: a 79 year old woman being treated at the Ida-Viru Central Hospital, a 81 year old man at the Kuressaare Hospital, and a 65 year old man at the Pärnu Hospital. In addition, it has been determined that a 83 year old man, who died of complications on 10 April, was in fact COVID-19 positive. In total, 35 people have died due to the coronavirus in Estonia.

Based on data from the population register, the highest number of new coronavirus cases were found in Harju County (12) and Saare County (8), followed by Ida-Viru County (5) and Pärnu County (3). One positive case involves a person, whose information is not in the population register. According to the latest data, the highest number of infected persons continues to be seen in the 55-59 age group (11%), followed by 45-49 and 50-54 (10% each). More detailed statistics about the Coronavirus tests are available here:

As of yesterday, the case load of the Kuressaare Hospital will be shared with other Estonian hospitals. Two patients, a 57 and a 58 year old man, who had been on treatment at the Kuressaare Hospital, were transferred to the North Estonia Medical Centre. In addition, the Kuressaare Hospital now also has COVID-19 testing capacity, which will shorten the time required for obtaining test results from the previous 36-48 hours to 4 hours.

Due to the emergency situation in Estonia, a ban on visits applies to all social welfare institutions, hospitals and prisons until the preliminary date of 1 May 2020. To contain the further spread of the COVID-19 infection, all regular, planned health care outside of the national network of hospitals has been stopped. Private medical establishments and dental clinics will only provide emergency care. Regular treatments are stopped to contain the spread of the virus and in the interest of using personal protective equipment more economically. Regular treatments that have already been started will be reassessed by the doctor and patient, on a case-by-case basis. All regular treatments, whose cessation would endanger a patient’s health, will have to be carried out to their completion.

Explanation from the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre on data publication:

In the statistics published today, one positive test from Ida-Viru County has been moved from 12 April to 14 April, and another Ida-Viru County positive test result from 13 April to 14 April, due to corrections made by the laboratory.

Healthcare service providers (including laboratories) have the option of making corrections, changes and cancellations to the submitted documents. In the open source data, we always publish the latest information, updated once per 24 hours according to first time test results from the health information system TIS. The open source data also already includes any corrections, changes and cancelled results from previous periods.

Additional information is available on the Health Board’s dedicated website and on the Health Board Facebook page. Questions about the emergency situation are answered on the government website.

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Sümptomaatilise COVID-19 tõttu vajab haiglaravi 304 inimest

In total, 304 individuals are being treated in hospital due to symptomatic COVID-19

As of the morning of 19 October, hospital treatment is being provided to 412 individuals who have been infected with coronavirus. A total of 304 of those patients have been hospitalised with severe COVID-19 cases, including 211 patients who have not been vaccinated (which means 69.4% of the overall figure), and ninety-three patients who have been fully vaccinated (which amounts to 30.6% of the overall figure).

Sümptomaatilise COVID-19 tõttu vajab haiglaravi 309 inimest

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As of the morning of 18 October, hospital treatment is being provided to 309 individuals who have symptomatic COVID-19, including 213 patients who have not been vaccinated (which means 68.9% of the overall figure), and ninety-six patients who have been fully vaccinated (which amounts to 31.1% of the overall figure). A total of 408 patients with COVID-19 are currently receiving hospital treatment, ninety-nine of whom were hospitalised for other reasons, but who tested positive upon admission into the hospital.