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205 people tested positive for coronavirus, the number of people infected is likely to be higher

205 people had been diagnosed with coronavirus in Estonia by the morning of March 16. Since January 31, a total of 1377 COVID-19 tests have been performed in Estonia. It is likely that the number of people infected is higher, and that the number of people affected will increase given the spread of the virus.

Most patients with coronavirus have mild symptoms. According to current data, the average infected person in Estonia is middle-aged person and there is no clear difference between women and men. Among infected, there are few children and elderly people.

Emergency care focuses on helping and testing people with serious illnesses The capacity of detection in Estonia of the viral disease COVID-19 is today in the laboratories of the Health Board, Tartu University Hospital, Synlab, North-Estonia Regional Hospital, Ida-Viru Central Hospital and Pärnu Hospital to ensure testing of critical cases.      

If symptoms occur, call family doctor or a family doctor’s helpline 1220 for further instructions and advice. To reduce the symptoms of the disease (fever, cough, rhinitis), we recommend symptomatic treatment with over-the-counter medicines. In the event of severe breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, call 112.

Estonia's main focus is to prevent the spread of the virus among the elderly and people with chronic diseases. Over-60s are the most vulnerable group. Working people of this age should, if possible, do based-mobile work. We recommend all people over the age of 60 to avoid crowded places, stay at home wherever possible, and in any case avoid contact with people with the disease.

In addition, interraction with children should be reduced, as they are a major risk for the elderly when the virus is spreading. Children with confirmed COVID-19 have generally presented with mild symptoms and coronavirus cases are not as severe.

It is important to continue following strict hygiene rules (hand washing, protected coughing, sneezing and sniffing, avoiding close contact / handshaking / hugging), avoid traveling and staying home in case of illness.

Starting from March 16, the Emergency Response Center's hotline 1247 was launched to help answer key questions about the coronavirus COVID-19. The phone operates 24/7 and is free of charge. For consumer questions regarding cancellation or interruption of trips, event tickets or other entertainment services, the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority hotline 620 1707 is open on business days from 9 am to 6 pm.

More information can be found on the Health Board's website and on the Health Board's Facebook page.


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