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I have come into close contact with an individual who has COVID-19

instructions for further steps as of 15 August 2022



Close contacts are advised to follow the following instructions for five days:

Remain in self-isolation. Use teleworking or remote learning if possible. If you need a certificate to show your incapacity for work, please contact your family physician who will decide whether or not it is necessary to issue a certificate to show your temporary incapacity for work.


Avoid contact with others, especially with at-risk individuals



Wear a mask if you leave home.



Monitor your health carefully.



Please also regularly observe the following safety requirements:


Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water. Sanitise, if necessary, as the virus may spread via contaminated objects.



Avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth, or nose.



Ventilate your rooms regularly (at least twice a day for at least fifteen minutes at a time). 



Cover your nose and mouth with a paper tissue or your arm when you cough or sneeze (immediately throw away the used tissue and wash your hands).


If you develop any symptoms, take the rapid test if possible, and contact your family physician or call the family physician advisory line (1220).

The risk of falling ill is higher in the case of coming into contact within the family circle. If you have not been vaccinated and have not yet caught the virus, you are strongly advised to stay at home.  

Further information about coronavirus is available from the corona crisis website:

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