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Filing a complaint about healthcare services


Before calling or writing an application to the Health Board make sure you know what you want answers for. 

Problems arising from providing healthcare services will be dealt with by:

1. Internally by the supplier of healthcare services (health institutions etc), who wishes to provide the best quality healthcare to their patients;

2. Estonian Health Insurance Fund, who checks the compliance with the contract between Health Insurance Fund and the provider of the healthcare services (medical care lines, financial relations with medical care providers);

3. The Health Board Supervision Department, who checks and evaluates the regularity, that is to say, compliance with legislation of providing healthcare services;

4. An expert advisory committee on health services quality created by the Minister of Social Affairs, who will give an independent evaluation on the substantive quality of the healthcare services provided for the patient.

5. Filing a complaint or an application, if you are not satisfied with the healthcare services provided. 


A written application must be worded clearly and in a comprehensible manner and must include:


  • The patient’s contact details (name and telephone number, e-mail or postal address); 
  • The details of the healthcare service provider in question (name of the medical care facility, doctor or other healthcare worker); 
  • A free-format and signed consent (permission) to use the patient’s medical data, which is necessary for explaining the circumstances of the application.

Anonymous applications will not be processed.

Applications can be sent to the postal address: Terviseamet, 81 Paldiski Road, 10614 Tallinn
or electronically to the e-mail: [email protected]

An application sent to the e-mail address must be signed digitally.