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As of 10 June 2021, patients can create digital COVID certificates for themselves via the ‘Patient Portal’. Certificates will be compliant with the European Union standard. Three new and different types of certificate can be created which involve proof of vaccination, proof of having had COVID-19, or proof of a negative coronavirus test result.

The forgery-resistant certificates will make travelling around the European Union safer in the future. The certificates can either be used in smart devices or they can be printed out. The authenticity of EU digital COVID certificates can be verified by visiting

Any previously-created national vaccination certificates will remain valid for the time being, and will still be available via the patient portal. The European Union’s digital COVID certificate system will be fully implemented from July onwards.

European Union digital COVID certificates cannot be used in lieu of passports or travel documents. They will also not become a prerequisite for crossing state borders but they may, for example, exempt the holder from the requirement to self-isolate depending upon the specific rules which are applicable in the destination country. Travellers should always pay attention to those requirements which are applicable in the destination country. Further information about such requirements can be found on the following website:

Questions and answers about the EU digital COVID certificates are available at the following website: