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Coronavirus dataset 


Providers of health care services (including laboratories) can retroactively make amendments or changes to documents and can also annul documents. Documents may be amended for various reasons, such as improving the quality of the data, for example. In such a case, a new version of the previously-sent document is sent out from the lab’s information system to the Health Information System, and the previous version becomes invalid. Therefore the total number of results cannot always be based upon adding results that have been received over the past 24 hours to the total number of the day before that point, but the total number of results in the timeline is calculated as the total of the currently-valid results. This principle applies both to negative test results as well as positive ones.
Public data that is disclosed is always up-to-date and is based on the dataset from the Health Information System which is updated once every 24 hours.


Overall, 1,798 individuals in Estonia who have been infected with coronavirus have died as a result.