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Placing biocidal products on market


Biocidal products are regulated in the EU by the EU Biocides Regulation (BPR).

Biocidal products shall not be made available on the market or used unless authorised in accordance with this Regulation or registered on transitional period in accordance with Estonian Biocides Act.

Before  placing a biocidal product on the Estonian market for a particular type of product you will need to ensure that the active substance is either approved or under review in that Product Type. The status of the active substance can be checked form ECHA webpage.


Transitional measures for biocides

In case the active substance is still under the BPR review program the national requirements on transitional period apply to the biocidal product and the biocide needs to be registered or the change requested.

To register your biocide or to request the change of already registered biocide, please send the e-mail to the BPR Helpdesk [email protected] with the following documents:

  • filled and signed application form (DOC)
  • in case the applicant is not the producer of the biocidal product, the document certifying the right of representation, where the producer of the biocidal product gives permission to the applicant for registering the biocidal product;
  • document proving the use of the active substance(s) from the manufacturer/supplier who is included in the BPR Art 95 list, e.g. purchase document, filled in and signed self-declaration or confirmation (DOC) ;
  • safety data sheet of each active substance;
  • performed efficacy test(s) report(s) (the biocidal product in product type 1);
  • copy of the receipt of fee payment.

NB! From 01.06.2023

The fee for the registration is 400 EUR per biocidal product or per family.

The fee for the change of the registration is 150 euros per registration certificate.

The fee for the administrative change of the registration certificate is 50 EUR per registration certificate.

All Bank Transfer Charges to Appliers Account.

  • Beneficiary customer: RAHANDUSMINISTEERIUM (Ministry of Finance)
  • Beneficiary's accounts:
    SEB Bank
     EE891010220034796011 (BIC/SWIFT: EEUHEE2X)
    Swedbank EE932200221023778606 (BIC/SWIFT: HABAEE2X)
    LHV Bank EE777700771003813400 (BIC/SWIFT: LHVBEE22)
    Luminor Bank EE701700017001577198 (BIC/SWIFT: RIKOEE22)
  • Details of payment: Terviseamet - 2900082304, name of biocide.

Health Board will respond to your application within 30 calendar days.

The registration certificate issued during the transitional period is valid until the approval of the active substance(s) or until the 31 of December 2024 (BPR Art. 89(1)).

Please be informed that for biocidal products Article 45 to CLP regulation applies. In case you have additional questions related to Article 45 notification please turn to CLP Helpdesk [email protected].

For the biocidal product added to the list of the registered biocidal products, the producer is responsible for controlling and ensuring the efficacy of the product and for labelling the product according to the requirements. Listing the product shows that the required information have been submitted to Health Board and that the product can be made available and used in Estonia.



Active substance is approved for your product type

Applications for authorisation shall be submitted no later than the date of approval of the last active substance for that product type. 

For further information about authorisation please see the ECHA's webpage.