Twinning Light Prject EE06-IB-TWP-ESC-03

Estimation of concentrations of radionuclides in Estonian ground waters and related healts risk

Põhidokumendid / Basic documents:

Project Fiche / Projektikava
Inception Report / Stardiaruanne
1st Technical Report / 1. tehniline aruanne
2nd Technical Report / 2. tehniline aruanne

 21.09.2009 toimunud seminari ettekanded/ Presentations of seminars on 21.01.2009:

Environmental Protection Agency of Lombardia. - Jan Rusconi, ARPA Lombardia.
Italian framework for environmental radioactivity controls. Structure and organization of Environmental Protection Agency of Veneto. - Flavio Trotti, Arpa Veneto.
Milan Water Supply. - Jan Airoldi, Milan Water Supply.
Measurement of radioactivity in drinking water. - Maurizio Forte, ARPA Lombardia.
Water monitoring programs in Italy: the experience of Veneto region. - Flavio Trotti, ARPA Veneto.
Drinking Water Quality in Estonia. - Leena Albreht, Health Protection Inspectorate.
Monitoring of radionuclides in groundwater of Estonia. - Rein Perens & Lehte Savitskaja, Geological Survey of Estonia.
Environmental radioactivity research in Estonia. - Madis Kiisk, University of Tartu.
AS Tallinna Vesi. Overview of the company. - Riho Sobi, AS Tallina Vesi.
Water treatment process in Rakvere Water Supply. - Aivar Lõhe, AS Rakvere Vesi.
Removal of radioactivity from groundwater, using aeration, adsorption and ion exchange. - Rein Munter, Tallinn Technical University.
Assessment of the health risks from non-compliance with drinking water parametric values. - Mihhail Muzõtšin, Health Protection Inspectorate.

09.09.2009 lõpukoosoleku ettekanded/ Presentations of the final meeting on 09.09.2009:

Programme of the final meeting.
Purpose and objectives of the project. - Jüri Ruut, Health Protection Inspectorate.
Radioactivity in Estonian ground waters - Rosella Rusconi, ARPA Lombardia.
Overview of remediation techniques. - Franco Realini, ARPA Lombardia.
Waste management issues. - Flavio Trotti and Elena Caldognetto, ARPA Veneto.
Conclusions of the project. - Maurizio Forte, ARPA Lombardia.
Chronological overview of radioactivity problems in Estonia. - Mihhail Muzõtšin, Health Protection Inspectorate.
Conclusions of the project. - Madis Kiisk, University of Tartu.
Final Report - Feb 2010
TF radionukliidiprojekti kokkuvõte - eestikeelne


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