Central laboratory

Central Laboratory consists of the Laboratories of Communicable diseases, Chemistry and Physics.

The Laboratory of Communicable Diseases

  • Investigations in clinical microbiology comply with ISO  15189;  the environmental microbiology procedures are realized according to ISO 17025

The Laboratory of CD is responsible for:

  • The national communicable diseases surveillance, and epidemic control system;
  • Microbiological diagnosis on epidemiological indications;
  • Diagnostic and confirmatory testing for bacterial and viral pathogens;
  • Outbreak investigations;
  • Environmental testing (specimens of water, food, air, dust, cosmetic products, etc);
  • The Laboratory of CD is the laboratory base of the National Influenza Centre and participates in the World Health Organization as the authorized laboratory of Estonia;
  • The Laboratory of CD participates in the work of European monitoring groups on different bacterial infections and in WHO Salmonella Surveillance Group;
  • CD/HB laboratory provides some reference services and carries out certain surveillance research responsibilities financed by the Health Board/National Budget.

The Laboratory of CD has been recognized by the WHO:

  • A National Center for Measles and Rubella;
  • A National Center for Polio.

The laboratory is taking part in the preparedness to emerging and reemerging infections and potential bioterrorism risk.

Contact: +372 6 943 600

The Laboratory of Chemistry

  • analyzes water, food and air samples;
  • in some fields the laboratory is the only one conducting the analyses in Estonia (toxic substances and allergens in consumer goods, investigating materials in contact with food, testing the safety of toys).

Contact: +372 6 943 600

The Laboratory of Physics

  • carries out physical measurements in living and working environments.

Contact: +372 694 3539

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