Occupational Health

According to the law

The Estonian Health Board’s Bureau of Occupational Health has different tasks that come directly from the Occupational Health and Safety Act, § 201.

The Health Board shall:

  • participate in the preparation of occupational health programmes and organise their implementation;

  • analyse information concerning employees’ occupational diseases and illnesses caused by work;

  • organise in-service training for occupational health specialists.

According to the Maritime Safety Act § 261, the Health Board also authorises physicians to carry out health assessments on all crew members of vessels for international and/or domestic voyages, navigable inland waters and students applying for studies or studying at nautical educational institutions.

The list of physicians who are authorised to carry out health assessments to seafarers.

The Health Board’s Supervision Department shall exercise supervision over compliance with the requirements provided for in sections 19 to 192 of the Act (Occupational Health and Safety Act § 25, subsection 2; supervision over OHS providers).

Occupational Health Service

OHS can contingently be divided in two:

  • The services provided by occupational physicians and nurses that are referred to as the medical occupational health service (mainly health assessments, but occupational health physicians are also authorised to carry out risk assessments at workplaces). All physicians and nurses have to be registered with Health Board’s Bureau of Licenses;

  • The services provided by occupational hygienists, occupational ergonomics specialists and occupational psychologists that are referred to as the non-medical occupational health service. These service providers have to be in Register of Economic Activities.

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